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Drawing upon a remarkable 15-year career as a property developer and flipper in New Zealand, Jason brings a wealth of expertise to your property journey, whether you're buying or selling. With prior residences in both Adelaide and Tauranga, New Zealand, Jason is uniquely positioned to guide you through the real estate landscape.

Jason is not just passionate about the property market; he's an ardent follower with an affinity for numbers and statistics. His dedication extends beyond local horizons, encompassing both national and global market trends. 

With a background in market analysis, spanning stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and business and real estate cycles, Jason possesses the insights needed to advise his clients effectively. He not only understands what the market is doing but also anticipates where it's likely headed in the near future.

As an integral member of the J R team, Jason elevates our commitment to serving our clients, both existing and new, with an exceptional level of care. His approach to customer service is marked by a relaxed and friendly demeanor, ensuring that the sales process remains as stress-free as possible for our valued clients.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Jason enjoys stealing moments for a morning surf at First Bay, enjoying quality time with his wife and three daughters around the local area or taking leisurely strolls at Stumers with their beloved miniature schnauzer, Mavis.

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